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VOLVO 9900

The Volvo 9900 is the luxury choice. It's simply as good as it gets. This is the choice for customers who will settle for nothing but the best, no matter how long they ride. The standard equipment is extensive and the list of extras is long.

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    Green power

    A 420 or a 460 bhp 13-litre engine with massive low-rev torque and the Volvo I-Shift gearbox constitute a perfect driveline. Of course, the engines meet the Euro-5 standards.

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    Supreme comfort

    Leather seats of new original design with first class comfort. A theatre floor and a sloping window line let all onboard share the views. And at the front there is a separate driver's door.

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    More than a coach

    Running a coach business is a matter of many dimensions. That's why we offer service contracts, telematics, financing and more. For hassle-free ownership and productivity gain.

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    The Volvo 9900 provides also world-class safety. Knee impact protection, front underrun protection as well as lane departure and collision warnings.

  • 9900
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    Life cycle productivity

    Volvo quality, fuel economy and strong service contract offers give your Volvo 9900 a long and profitable life.

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Some models and equipment alternatives may not be available in all markets. Please contact Volvo Buses for details.

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